The Buck Stops Here

"Thank you for spending the day with the Morgan students and sharing your knowledge and love of books. My son was listening and truly enjoyed your visit; he could not stop talking about you!"

-Julie Yestrepsky

"Your story is inspirational to the children who struggle and think it all comes- out perfectly the first time."

-Marcia Wright, Clinton Ele.

"I know it was very hard getting those books all right without messing up. Sometimes I try to make some stuff and I mess up. But I'm going to keep trying, like you said. You are a really funny man."

-Johanna Rose Borton (student)

"Thanks Tim Smith you made me believe in myself"

-Sincerely your pal, Klye Clark (student)

"Thank you for a great self-esteem building assembly. Helping kids believe irt themselves is the top priority of each day I teach. The kids were laughing and talking about you, your books, Fuzzy, Buck and the raccoon."

-Terri Sullivan

"Dear Buck Wilder - Thank you for coming to our school. It was great! My favorite book is all of them."

-from Nicolette (student)

"'Dear Mr. Smith - When you came to my school it was fun. You are cool. I wish you could be my grandpa. I like your books!"

- Sincerely Tylor Kaiser (student)

"On a scale of 1 to 10, Tim's presentation in an 11. This is the guy who gave our group ideas we could apply to our lives. And he has us laughing the whole time."

- Jerry Haley, General Motors Retirees Association

"He (Tim Smith) is truely an experienced entrepreneur, and a real pleasure to listen to."

- Ron Jolly, WTCM Radio Talk Show Host

"I can tell you that every comment I heard was a big 'YES' and I'm still getting comments on how much the audience would have liked to hang around, eat cookies and listen to more stories. Your (Tim Smith's) message is more important than I can say."

- Elaine King, Flint Advertising Federation

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