Buck's Facts & Other Fun Stuff Page

B uck Wilder was instrumental in the creation of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources 4th grade natural history curriculum.

ne of Buck's greatest adventures was traveling to the Mir Space Station! Buck and Rascal Raccoon were with Jerry Linenger on the Shuttle Atlantis and then aboard the Russian Space Station.
Dr. Linenger calls Buck Wilder Books "out of this world and Buck's
		Been in the Shuttle!almost as much fun as a space walk!"

Buck Wilder has been featured on many television and radio programs, including Good Morning America! See Buck Wilder print articles in "media highlights".
Over 500,000 copies of Buck's Wilder's Books have been sold!
Buck's favorite snack: BUCKMORES, of course! Take your basic s'more and add peanut butter! YUM!
Buck's thought to ponder: If you use a worm as bait and then catch and eat a fish, where does the worm go?
Buck Wilder's Small Twig Hiking & Camping Guide has won the 1998 Benjamin Franklin Award for the Sports/Recreation category. This national award is sponsored by the Publishers Marketing Association and celebrates excellence in editorial and design for books published in 1997: "This one gets an A+. Outstanding!"